The forms on this page are CEE’s updated versions for ProCard use, expense and travel reimbursements. CEE faculty, staff and students are to use them as needed. Once completed, the forms can be submitted along with receipts/proper paperwork to the appropriate contact person below:

Josie Samson
201 More Hall
Phone: 206-543-2391

• PacTrans
Melanie C. Paredes
More Hall 112
Phone: 206-221-9290

Ron Porter
University District Building suite 535

The ProCard is a Visa purchasing card available for faculty and staff who make a high volume of purchases.

The Procurement Card is confined to UW business purchases only, and must never be used for personal expenditures or UW travel related purchases.
Cardholders are responsible for obtaining sufficient documentation and performing the first level of transaction review at their PaymentNet account.
Receipts, food forms, email showing budget approvals need to be provided.

The ProCard should be used only by the person to whom the card is issued (the cardholder). Do not lend your card to be used by someone else as they are not authorized.

Additional information can be found here.

CEE Procard Form

Reimbursement (non-travel)
This form is used to reimburse individuals for purchases of goods and services they have made on behalf of the UW.

Reimbursements are for rare occasions when other procurement methods are not an option. Seeking reimbursement for UW purchases of goods and services made with personal funds should be done only as a last resort.

All individuals seeking or approving reimbursements should be familiar with our “what’s not allowed to be charged.”

As with other procurement methods, you must have prior approval. Receipts, food forms, email showing budget approvals need to be provided.

Additional information can be found here.

CEE Expense Reimbursement Form

Travel Reimbursement
This form is to be used to reimburse someone for business related travel expenses. Before a trip, the traveler should:

understand your responsibilities
obtain approval(s)
review guidelines when personal time/travel is combined with UW business
review limits on type of expenses and receipt guidelines
check with you r department for additional travel requirements

When in doubt, contact your department prior to your trip.

Additional information can be found here.

Travel Reimbursement Form

UW Food Approval Form
Under certain criteria University and Washington State policies allow for the purchase of meals and light refreshments for employees, students and official guests. Many UW budgets are either not approved for food, or have restrictions.
Use the food approval form for one-time or recurring events requiring food purchases only for events meeting these criteria:
• Recognition events
• Training events, including student orientations
• Business meetings to conduct UW business where a meal or light refreshment is an integral part of the official meeting

Food Approval Policy
UW Food Approval Form

CEE Attendance Sheet
This form is required for use when meals or refreshments are provided at events. This form will accompany the UW Food Approval form.

CEE Attendance Sheet

UW Club Card
The CEE Club Card is available for use by Faculty and staff. The Card can be checked out by request. Please check the club’s website for service times and remember the following:
• Complete the Card Usage form at the time you pick up the card making sure to list those in attendance and provide a budget number.
• Return the card, attendance sheet and the receipt to Jim Anderson in More 201

University Club
UW Club Card Form