Professional & Certificate Programs

Engineering Professional Programs (EPP)

EPP serves as the continuing education arm of the College of Engineering at the University of Washington. EPP organizes and presents short courses, workshops and seminars to respond to the professional development needs of practicing engineers and allied technical professionals worldwide.

Certificate Programs

UW Professional & Continuing Education offers a variety of engineering and environmental certificates to help you open new doors throughout your career. A certificate program is a sequence of three or more linked courses that build on each other, typically offered over a period of six to nine months. Courses are developed by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in partnership with regional leaders, such as Boeing, giving you access to important contacts and industry expertise

On-Campus Professional Master's Degree Programs

UW Professional & Continuing Education and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering are partnering in offering coursework-only master's degree programs suitable for full-time or part-time on-campus study. In most cases, the degree can be completed in 3 to 4 quarters with full-time study.

Online Degrees >>

Online degrees give you flexibility to set your own schedule and complete the requirements from anywhere, so you can continue to pursue your career while earning your degree. CEE offers an online master’s degree in the following areas:

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