Research/Specialty Areas

Constuction WorkersConstruction Engineering

Construction Engineering specializes in infrastructure construction; pavements and construction materials, sustainability, transportation infrastructure, surveying, and quality control.

Transportation Engineering

Transportation engineers use concepts and techniques from engineering, urban and regional planning, management, and other disciplines to solve transportation problems affecting all modes of travel. Our department focuses on Intelligent transportation systems, infrastructure construction and freight and logistics.

bridgeStructural Engineering & Mechanics

Structural Engineers research a wide range of areas such as multi-hazard engineering, including the design for wind and earthquakes; modeling, evaluation and design of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, steel, timber and composite structures; bridge engineering; design for rapid construction and sustainability; computational mechanics and numerical simulations.

Sand BoilGeotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineers study problems in geotechnical earthquake engineering, geologic hazards, soil mechanics, foundation engineering, and reinforced soil systems. The group is highly interdisciplinary and often collaborates with experts in structural engineering, mechanics, the earth sciences, remote sensing, and statistics.

hydroHydrology & Hydrodynamics

The Hydrology area emphasizes surface water, urban environments, and groundwater.  It also addresses a range of challenges such as droughts, multi-objective water allocation, and climate change impacts. Hydrodynamics focuses on physical processes that relate to transport, mixing and dynamic behavior of fluids.

environmental engineeringEnvironmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering focuses on human impacts on the world around us, in particular our air and water, down to the microbial level. Our group focuses on water quality engineering, air resources engineering and air pollution control, ecological and toxicological effects of pollutants, environmental chemical and microbiological processes.