Research Facilities

Eash CEE research group has current standard testing tools and specialized research equipment in their facilities.

Computing Capabilities

The University of Washington has one of the best academic computing environments in the country, with outstanding institutional support for all aspects of computing for research and education. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has its own computing support staff and local infrastructure that is tied closely to the overall campus system.

The College of Engineering at the University of Washington recently deployed a shared, high performance computer cluster named Hyak, dedicated to research computing at UW. It leverages a common high performance infrastructure across 1,428 nodes, consisting of blade chassis, power distribution, high-performance interconnect network, high-speed scratch storage, and high-capacity archive storage.  Individual nodes are configured according to each user's requirements for CPU architecture, RAM, and local disk. The system is located in a new, professionally staffed data center being built on the edge of the Seattle campus.

Campus Resources

Excellent instrumentation shops and support staff are available in the department and college.

Collaborative arrangements can be made to use sophisticated equipment or other conventional equipment in other departments on campus as needed.

The UW Engineering Library is located one block from More Hall. The UW library system maintains a completely computerized reference system for easy access to all library acquisitions from any terminal on campus. As a repository to more than 5 million items, the UW library system is an integral part of the educational resources at UW.