Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Structural engineers at the University of Washington are performing innovative research across wide range of topics using experimental, numerical, and analytical techniques.  The Structural Research Laboratory and Structural Vibrations Laboratory provide capabilities for multi-scale experimental studies of component or system response to complex loading scenarios.  Advanced computing capabilities are enabling the development of state-of-the-art models of seismic structural response, large-scale fluid-structure and soil-structure interactions, and complex computational mechanics, among other topics.  Current research projects are aimed at improving the design concepts for earthquake, tsunami, and wind hazards; modeling, evaluation, and design of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, steel, timber, and composite structures; design for rapid construction and sustainability; nonlinear dynamics and stability; structural response of systems designed or marine and aerospace environments; and development of computational mechanics tools for numerical modeling of complex physical phenomena.  The diverse expertise of the structural engineering group at UW provides unique opportunities for graduate and undergraduate research.

Accelerated Construction Research Group

Accelerated Construction Research Team Members Prof. Marc Eberhard, engineering technician Vince Chaijaroen, graduate students Todd Janes and Olafur Haraldsson, Prof. John Stanton in front of the Baldwin Testing Machine.