Master's Degree Programs

Degree Requirements

42 credits are needed to complete your Master's Degree. Note: The UW operates on 11-week academic quarters; 42 quarter-credits is equivalent to 28 semester-credits. A minimum UW cumulative 3.0 GPA is required.

Program Plans & Requirements


Construction Master's Program Plan (2014)

ConstructIon Master's Students must also meet the
Construction Area Requirements


Environmental Non-Thesis Master's Program Plan (2014)

Environmental Thesis Master's Program Plan (2014)

Hydrology & Hydrodynamics

Hydrology & Hydrodynamics Non-Thesis Master's Program Plan (2014)


Geotechnical Non-Thesis Master's Program Plan (2014)

Geotechnical Thesis Master's Program Plan (2014)


Structures Non-Thesis Master's Program Plan (2014)

Structures Thesis Master's Program Plan (2014)


Transportation Non-Thesis Master's Program Plan (2014)

Transportation Thesis Master's Program Plan (2014)

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all requirements are satisfied well before the expected graduation date. In order to check this students are required to:

  1. Prepare a coursework plan
  2. Verify it with the checklistĀ 
  3. Obtain approval from their faculty advisor and submit the form to the Advising Office, 201 More Hall, before the end of their first quarter in theĀ masters program.

Degree Requirements

Students must satisfy Department and Graduate School requirements.

CEE Continuation Policy>>

Electronic Thesis Submission

Graduation Procedures

The quarter you plan to graduate, submit the online Master's Degree Request by Graduate School deadline.

Graduation - Final Steps

Prior to graduation, complete the following online forms:

Advising Contacts

Lorna Latal Lorna Latal
Graduate Advisor

Dayna Cole Dayna Cole
Graduate Advisor - Online Programs

Jennifer Ross Jennifer Ross
Graduate Advisor