Message from the Chair

Welcome to Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington.

Civil and environmental engineers address a broad range of critical societal issues including shelter, transportation, water supply, environmental management and energy infrastructure. 

Our faculty share a common goal: to educate the next generation of engineering professionals responsible for sustaining both the built and natural environment. In addition to offering traditional coursework, we encourage our students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels to pursue research resulting in innovative ideas and applied technologies. 

Together, our faculty, students and alumni are actively engaged at local, national and international levels in addressing these important challenges. We are also fortunate to be located in a vibrant, urban setting surrounded by a beautiful natural environment that constantly reminds us of the importance of civil and environmental engineering in our everyday lives. 

I am honored to serve as interim chair and am dedicated to maintaining the high quality of the department in this short period of transition.

Tim Larson
Professor & Interim Chair