Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Christopher Adams

“The journey to get my degree taught me how to face challenges, think like a civil engineer and solve problems.”

Kateryna Gomozova

Kateryna Gomozova

Participating in a poster presentation at UW’s Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Aleya Abeshima

Civil and Environmental Engineering bachelor’s degree

Year graduated:

Emma Van Orden

Martha Quigg

martha Quigg

CEE alumna Martha Quigg.

Richard Punt

How did you first become interested in engineering?
I participated in a high school program called ACE or Architecture, Construction, Engineering. During the program, I learned all about structural and construction engineering and I participated in it for four years. I loved what I was learning there, so I decided to pursue it in college.

Lucas Whitesell

How did you first become interested in engineering?

My dad and I were on a college tour (not at UW) during my senior year of high school. We visited many different departments and were close to leaving when my dad, not an engineer, suggested seeing the engineering department. I literally had no idea what engineers did (I thought they built engines or something), but was blown away after hearing a master’s student talk about a new machine he designed. All I remember thinking was “That is so COOL!” That’s when I knew I wanted to be an engineer.

Yousif Almaaroof

Where are you from?

I am from Baghdad, Iraq. I lived there for 12 years before I moved to Jordan. I finished high school there, then moved to the United States. I studied for two years at Highline College before I transferred to the University of Washington.

How did you first become interested in engineering?

Tammy Teal

How did you first become interested in engineering?
I first became interested in engineering when I discovered that I could make a positive impact on the world while still being in a profession with math and science. One of my ongoing short-term and long-term goals is to positively influence the world environmentally, socially and educationally.