Hydrology & Hydrodynamics

Hydrology & Hydrodynamics

Pratistha Kansakar

How did you first become interested in engineering?

I became interested in engineering after I came to Seattle. One of the very first things I did after arriving in Seattle was take a tour at West Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. This field trip somewhat shaped my career and interest thereon after. After that, I came across numerous mentors who encouraged me along the way, eventually leading me to my career choice as a water resources engineer.

Why did you choose UW Civil & Environmental Engineering?

Jennifer Adam

Where are you now working? Please describe your job.

I am an associate professor at Washington State University and associate director of the State of Washington Water Research Center (WRC). As a professor, I teach water resources classes and am involved in a large number of research projects where we are trying to inform land and water managers on actions they can take to adapt to climate change. As associate director of the WRC, I am also involved in networking with individuals across the state on water research, education and outreach.