Giving to CEE

Make a gift today for tomorrow. The nation's other top engineering programs are fiercely competing for outstanding faculty and star researchers, making endowed chairs and professorships the core building blocks for the department's future.

Competition for the top students is also intense. The creative synergy between faculty and students defines a program and makes great things happen - the most promising graduate students are drawn to schools with nationally recognized faculty and exciting research opportunities. In turn, the best faculty are eager to join institutions with brilliant students who can help drive research forward.

Your support can help us face these challenges. You can play an important role in the effort to attract and retain the most outstanding faculty, to compete for the best graduate students, and to ensure state-of-the-art laboratories.

Every gift is critical and provides important resources that have direct impact on day-to-day teaching and research. The College of Engineering can work with you to tailor a giving program to your wishes. Contact our giving officer to find out how you can make a difference.

Give to CEE through the University of Washington Foundation. Here you can choose to give to the descretionary fund, scholarship and fellowship funds and the Centennial Endowed Fund.

Giving Officer Contact

Katie Frisbie Bunten
Associate Director of Advancement
Loew Hall, Room 351