Research Areas

Environmental Engineering »

plant samples

Environmental Engineering focuses on protecting and preserving the environment through water quality research, air pollution control, wastewater management and more.

Hydrology and Hydrodynamics »

stream with waterfall

Hydrology research focuses on the quality and distribution of surface water, groundwater and water management in urban environments. Hydrodynamics explores the properties of fluids in motion.

Structural Engineering and Mechanics »

bridge over gorge

Structural engineers focus on evaluating the structural integrity of built structures such as buildings and bridges. They also design more resilient structures to withstand hazards such as earthquakes.

Transportation Engineering »

traffic on highway

Transportation engineers solve transportation problems affecting all modes of travel, with a focus on intelligent transportation systems, infrastructure construction and freight and logistics.

Construction, Energy and Sustainable Infrastructure »

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Construction, Energy and Sustainable Infrastructure researchers address pressing needs of society related to some of the biggest infrastructure challenges.

Geotechnical Engineering »

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Geotechnical engineers study the behavior of earth materials, focusing on geotechnical earthquake engineering, geologic hazards, soil mechanics, foundation engineering and reinforced soil systems.