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Research labs and groups

Labs and groups Faculty
AIMS Lab Jessica Ray
Air Resources Research Lab Tim Larson
Biogeotechnics Lab @ UW Mike Gomez
Chemical Oxidation and Disinfection Processes Lab Michael Dodd
Construction Materials Lab  
Ecosystem Biogeochemistry Group David Butman
Environmental Fluid Mechanics Group Alexander Horner-Devine
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratories Brett Maurer
Harris Hydraulics Laboratory Alexander Horner-Devine
Human Factors and Statistical Modeling Lab Linda Boyle
Hydro-biogeochemistry Research Group Rebecca Neumann
intelligent Urban Transportation Systems (iUTS) Lab Jeff Ban
Large-Scale Structural Engineering Testing Laboratory Marc Eberhard
Limnology Lab Michael Brett
Marshall Research Group Julian Marshall
Microbial Ecology Lab David Stahl
Mountain Hydrology Research Group Jessica Lundquist
Natural Hazards Reconnaissance Experimental Facility Joe Wartman
Smart Transportation Applications and Research Laboratory Yinhai Wang
Structural Creep Laboratory John Stanton
Structural Vibrations Laboratory Richard Wiebe
Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center Anne Goodchild
Sustainability, Satellites, Water and Environment Faisal Hossain
Sustainable Transportation Lab Don MacKenzie
Terrain Analysis and Cryosphere Observation Lab David Shean
THINK (Transportation-Human Interaction and Network Knowledge) lab Cynthia Chen
Urban Freight Lab Anne Goodchild
UW Coastal Lab Christie Hegermiller
UW Hydro | Computational Hydrology Group Bart Nijssen
Watershed Dynamics Research Group Erkan Istanbulluoglu
Winkler Lab Mari Winkler
X-ray Computed Tomography Laboratory Jeff Berman