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X-ray Computed Tomography Facility

image of x view ct
Image courtesy of NSI, Inc.

Featuring the largest CT scanner on campus, the Computed Tomography Facility (CTF) provides access to an NSI X5000 scanning system, a powerful instrument used for visualizing internal components of objects. This interdisciplinary tool offers researchers a method of non-destructive testing and is widely utilized by engineers, biologists, anthropologists, earth scientists and others. Depending on your needs, the CT scanner offers:

  • 2D X-ray images
  • 3D computed tomography models
  • Digital information on geometry and density

The computed tomography facility is located in More Hall, Room 031.


Below are suggested uses for the CTF. Note that for simple 3D models, other instrumentation may be more appropriate.

  • Electronics
  • Biology
  • Castings/manufacturing
  • 3-D printed components (additive manufacturing)
  • Medical devices
  • Aerospace

Industry Use

The CTF is available to other universities, government agencies, private companies and the general scientific community. Scans are performed by trained engineers. The scanner operates as a cost center, which charges an hourly fee for use.

Fill out the CT Appointment Request form to sign up for a CT scan. Lab staff will be notified once you fill out the form, and a staff member will contact you to confirm your appointment. For other questions, please contact the staff below.

  • General questions, high density materials, electronics, dentistry / teeth: Jeff Berman
  • Composites, 3D printed materials, biological samples: TBD
  • Billing inquiries: TBD


Hourly Use Rates


Internal (UW budget #)

Academic / research


Setup & scan


$205/hour (includes staff time)

$500/hour (includes staff time)



Training & staff time

$57/hour (add’l to service rate)

Post-processing (VGStudio)


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