Quick Facts

Job growth

With aging infrastructure and rising water needs, as well as pressing global-scale environmental issues, the demand for civil and environmental engineers is expected to skyrocket in coming years. Below are a few statistics that forecast considerable job growth:

  • 20% increase in demand for civil engineers by 2022*
  • 650 civil engineer positions expected to be added per year in Washington state, more than any other engineering discipline*
  • 12% job growth for environmental engineers by 2024, more than the average for all occupations*

* Bureau of Labor Statistics

Undergraduate program

  • UW Engineering ranked #18 best undergraduate program, U.S. News & World Report
  • 90% retention rate of students (upper-division admission)
  • 156 undergraduate degrees awarded in 2018–2019  (140 BSCE and 16 BSENVE)
Enrollment  (autumn 2018, census day) 381
Women 32%
Underrepresented minorities 10%
Transfer students 18%
Washington State residents 80%
International students 8%

Graduate program

  • UW CEE ranked #17 best graduate school for civil engineering and #23 best graduate school for environmental engineering for 2019, U.S. News & World Report
  • 168 graduate degrees awarded in 2018–2019
Enrollment  (autumn 2018, census day) 421
Women 38%
Underrepresented minorities 9%
International students 30%
Online students 26%


To meet the demand for civil and environmental engineers, the department has recruited faculty members from top schools and research institutions. In the past seven years, 17 new faculty members have been hired.

  • 49 core faculty
  • 17 adjunct faculty
  • 39 affiliate faculty
  • 12 postdoctoral scholars

Degree and professional programs

Additional information about the degree programs can be found on UW General Catalog for CEE.