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Instructor gets creative with online lab videos  »

Apr 16, 2020 Julian Yamaura is teaching a course remotely during spring quarter on construction materials.

2020 Steve and Sylvia Burges Endowed Lecture: Dorothy Reed  »

February 27, 2020 Reducing risk: Enhancing energy infrastructure resiliency

2019 Wenk Lecture: Laurie Johnson  »

October 29, 2019 Rebuilding for resilience: Disaster experience informs future recovery efforts

Rebecca Neumann

Engineering Lecture Series 2019: Rebecca Neumann  »

October 23, 2019 Human and Ecosystem Health: Arsenic in Food, Water, Plants and Animals

Faisal Hossain

Engineering Lecture Series 2019: Faisal Hossain »

October 10, 2019 Growing More with Less: Smart Tech Solutions to Feed the World

The life and contributions of professor Colin Brown  »

A distinguished faculty member who served as department chair and was a member of the UW Faculty Senate, professor Colin Brown (1929-2013) made many contributions to the department during his 24-year tenure.

2019 Evans Lecture: Roger Millar, Washington Secretary of Transportation (WSDOT)  »

May 9, 2019 Transportation Matters: Moving Washington Forward
Light Rail

2019 Steve and Sylvia Burges Endowed Lecture: Professor David Stahl  »

Feb 28, 2019 The microbiology of the nitrogen economy.
Light Rail

Transportation Engineering Track  »

Nov 9, 2018 Learn more about the Transportation Engineering program.
photo of instruments under water

Mapping Underwater Turbulence with Sound  »

Apr 9, 2018 Civil & Environmental Engineering collaboration between Alex Horner-Devine and Jim Thomson.
photo of Bridget Scanlon

Global Water Resource Assessments: Models vs. Satellites  »

May 11, 2018 Although we increasingly rely on models and satellites to evaluate global water resources, their reliability is questionable. Unlike past research that compared modeled river discharges with monitored discharges, our work focuses on comparing modeled land water storage (snow, surface water, soil moisture and groundwater) trends to storage trends from Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites.
Market in rural asia

World Hunger Event 2017 »

On November 6, 2017 the UW Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering hosted Feeding Asia: Mainstreaming Smart Agricultural Technology. Learn about what scientists around the world are doing to help keep keep the world's population fed.
Inference map

Road Work: Using Mobile Data to Alleviate Traffic Congestion »

2017 Edward Wenk, Jr. Endowed Lectureship - November 16, 2017 Slower speeds and longer trip times are becoming the new normal. The fast-growing Seattle area, in fact, ranks 10th in the nation and 20th worldwide for traffic congestion.* To address this challenge, expert Alexandre Bayen proposes utilizing crowdsourced mobile data from drivers and passengers. This data, combined with optimization techniques and game theory, has the potential to enhance algorithms that control traffic estimations as well as infrastructure such as traffic light timing and variable speed limits.
River meeting the ocean

Ocean Waves, River Plume »

Aug 3, 2017 What happens when a small river collides with an ocean surf zone? To find out, UW researchers, including graduate student Sam Kastler, made a series of unprecedented measurements in the Quinault River and its plume on the Washington coast.
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Life without Civil Engineers »

Mar 17, 2017 Video by Wenxin Lin for the UW CEE Film Contest showing how life might be if there were no civil engineers
Molly Grear

Renewable Energy from the Oceans »

Mar 17, 2017 This video by Molly Grear and her team for the Inaugural film festival in Civil and Environmental Engineering presents her research on harvesting energy from oceans in an environmental safe and ethical way.
man looking at field being worked

Cotton Fields from the Ivory Tower Trailer »

Mar 16, 2017 This documentary is about making scientific research on earth and environmental science more meaningful to the people who stand to benefit from it most. Watch the full documentary.
a rising drawbridge

C(aring)-I(s)-V(ery)-I(mportant in)-L(ife) - Civil Engineering at University of Washington »

Jun 18, 2017 If you care about the world around you, explore civil & environmental engineering. The profession addresses a wide variety of complex problems that are critical for healthy environments and sustainable communities, from air quality to transportation to earthquake safety.
Tim Larson

Fine Particles in Seattle's Air: What, When, Where, Why and So What? »

2017 Burges Endowed Lecture - Thursday, February 16, 2017 In recent years, it has become widely recognized by the scientific community that airborne particles known as "fine particles" are harmful to human health. This is not surprising when the pollution is extreme - we commonly see pictures in the news depicting heavy urban haze shrouding cities in other parts of the world where people routinely wear masks to reduce exposures. But what about the fine particles in Seattle and the surrounding area? While the air is cleaner in Seattle than the developing world, it may surprise you to find out that it wasn’t always this way. Learn how air quality has improved overall, which areas in Seattle are still problematic, and what needs to be done. Watch on YouTube

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