Current Students

Curriculum & Course Planning

Find out about the course offerings across all levels of Civil & Environmental Engineering.

For your convenience, the program degree sheets for undergraduate programs are provided below. (A sample 4-year plan is include on page 2 of each PDF.)

Note: Access the CEE Add Code Request Form.


Graduate Program Resources

In Autumn 2017, we began adding four new course prefixes (CESI, CEWA, CESG, and CET)) to house our growing curriculum. Each of these areas has its own Time Schedule page, which we’ve linked below. You’ll find graduate courses under each of the prefixes so please make sure you look at them all to find the courses you are looking for.

Please note:

  • CEE 500 Seminars are still listed under the CEE prefix
  • CEE 600/700/800 remain under the CEE prefix


MSCE Thesis and PhD Time Schedule Information

For thesis and dissertation students registration information is available on the Seattle Time Schedule page.


MSCE non-thesis Time Schedule Information

Beginning in Spring 2018 non-thesis students will move from paper registration forms to using MyUW to online registration. The PDFs below explain this process.


Non-thesis (fee-based) registration information is available on the PCE Time Schedule page. On the main Time Schedule page for the University you can see, on the right-hand side, a list of the various campus Time Schedules. Select UW PCE Time Schedule (linked them below for convenience).