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Conditional application request now open

If you are unable to complete all application requirements by the April 5th deadline, or all of the enrollment requirements by the time you enroll in CEE at UW in autumn quarter, you must obtain permission to apply from the department.

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Prospective undergraduate students

Why study civil and environmental engineering?

Civil and environmental engineers have an important goal: to solve problems and critical challenges of the 21st Century. From transportation to water quality to earthquake resilience, civil and environmental engineers play a crucial role in enabling livable, sustainable cities, healthy environments and strong economies. Civil and environmental engineers design, build, operate and maintain urban environments to improve people’s lives. Learn how civil and environmental engineers change the world.

The University of Washington is a world-renowned institution. Below are a few recent rankings:

  • University of Washington ranked the 59th best national institution and the 20th top public school, U.S. News and World Report
  • University of Washington ranked ninth among world universities for academic disciplines, Center for World University Rankings
  • UW Engineering ranked #21 best overall undergraduate program, U.S. News & World Report
  • UW CEE grad programs ranked #20 for civil engineering and #25 for environmental engineering, U.S. News & World Report

Two bachelor's programs: BSCE and BSENVE

Housed in an outstanding university, UW CEE offers two premier undergraduate programs: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering (BSENVE). The BSCE program is appropriate for students interested in civil and environmental engineering from a big-picture perspective. For students who desire a specialized focus in environmental engineering, the new BSENVE program offers a specific focus on the environment. Students in both programs, which are detailed below, may participate in study abroad programs led by CEE faculty, which can count toward degree requirements.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering »

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Civil engineers take on the challenges presented by our aging national infrastructure, while developing new approaches to address the needs of urban systems and communities around the globe. Their work plays a crucial role in enabling livable, sustainable cities, and strong economies.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering »

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Environmental engineers work to both safeguard and improve the quality of the environment. By utilizing a combination of scientific and engineering principles, they help protect the world and its people from environmental impacts caused by natural and human activities.

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