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Harris Hydraulics Laboratory

exterior of harris hydrology labtidal flow facility

Faculty Contact: Alexander Horner-Devine
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The Harris Hydraulic Lab is a fully equipped laboratory for both teaching and research in environmental fluid mechanics. The laboratory is used by researchers from departments across campus, including Civil and Environmental Engineering, Applied Physics Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering and Oceanography.

The lab includes the following research facilities:

  • A three-dimensional water wave facility, currently used for edge-wave research and tsunami runup research
  • A two-dimensional water wave facility, currently used for tsunami sediment research
  • A flow exchange facility, currently used for tsunami runup research and internal wave/gravity current research
  • A wind-wave facility
  • A tidal flow facility, currently used for harbor flushing research

In addition, there are three water flumes used for a variety of experiments in the areas of hydraulics and fluid mechanics, ranging from fish-screen hydrodynamics to swash-zone mechanics. Instrumentation includes a two-dimensional laser-Doppler anemometer system for measuring fluid velocities, a high resolution video-image acquisition and processing system, a laser flow visualization system, and various current meters, conductivity probes and thermistors. The laboratory operates a number of computer systems. More photos and information on lab facilities and equipment >>