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Construction Materials Lab

Located in More Hall, the Construction Materials Laboratory is an instruction lab for both CEE students and students in the Construction Management Department in the College of Built Environments. Students in both departments learn about materials such as steel, aluminum, wood, aggregates, portland cement concrete and hot mix asphalt. The lab allows students to do all of the mix design calculations, sample preparation and testing in a hands-on environment.

Yiming Liu instructing students

Yiming Liu, instructional technician for the junior-year Construction Materials course, instructing students how to store and cure concrete specimens in the “fog room.”

students making concrete mix

Students making pervious concrete mix.

students making concrete cylinders

Students making standard concrete cylinders for compression testing.

stress strain plot

Stress-strain plot obtained for the Instron Testing Machine.

students discussing concrete mixture

A few last minutes adjustments before making another batch of concrete.

Measuring air entraining agent for batching

Measuring air entraining agent for batching.

students preparing molds

Preparing molds for the fresh concrete.

slump test

A slump test.

studnets participating in various aspects of concrete production and testing

Everybody participates.

concrete stress test

Eventually everything we make we break