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Pedro Arduino Arduino, Pedro
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(206) 543-6777
Geotechnical Engineering

Computational geomechanics; Constitutive modeling of soils; Finite elements; Meshless techniques; Soil structure interaction; Geotechnical earthquake engineering and hazard analysis
Xuegang (Jeff) Ban Ban, Xuegang (Jeff)
Associate Professor
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(206) 543-9655
Transportation Engineering

Transportation Network System Modeling and Simulation; Urban Traffic System Modeling and Operations; Connected / Automated Vehicles; Transportation Big Data Analytics; Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Mark M. Benjamin Benjamin, Mark M.
Professor Emeritus
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(206) 543-7645
Environmental Engineering

Physical-chemical water and wastewater treatment; Membrane-based technology for water and waste treatment
Jeffrey W. Berman Berman, Jeffrey W.
Thomas & Marilyn Nielsen Associate Professor
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(206) 616-3530
Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Seismic Design of Steel Structures; Destructive and Nondestructive Testing; Structural Control and Passive Energy Dissipation
Linda Ng Boyle Boyle, Linda Ng
(206) 616-0245
Transportation Engineering

Impact of adaptive behaviors of drivers on safe driving
Michael T. Brett Brett, Michael T.
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(206) 616-3447
Environmental Engineering

Eutrophication and regulation of algal biomass and secondary production in lakes; Essential fatty acid production and bioaccumulation in aquatic food webs; Zooplankton and aquatic food-web ecology; Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem coupling; Nutrient bioavailability and biogeochemical recalcitrance
Stephen J. Burges Burges, Stephen J.
Professor Emeritus
Wilcox 164
(206) 543-7135
Hydrology and Hydrodynamics

Surface water hydrology; Urban hydrology and water resources management; Stream and river channel dynamics; (Not accepting graduate student or post-doctoral colleagues due to retirement)
David Butman Butman, David
Assistant Professor
Bloedel 264
(206) 685-0953
Environmental Engineering

The global carbon cycle; Anthropogenic land use change and its impacts on aquatic biogeochemistry; Remote sensing; Stable and radiocarbon isotopes in aquatic environments; Future effects of climate change on water/carbon dynamics in watersheds
Paolo Calvi Calvi, Paolo
Assistant Professor
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(206) 616-0511
Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Experimental and numerical behaviour of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete structures; Seismic response of non-structural elements; Base isolation; Displacement-based design and assessment of structures
Cynthia Chen Chen, Cynthia
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(206) 543-8974
Transportation Engineering

Human Mobility (Travel Behavior) Analysis; Coupling Between Physical and Social Systems; Community Resilience
Seana Davidson Davidson, Seana
Research Associate Professor
Ben Hall
(206) 685-2626
Environmental Engineering

Microbe-host interactions (symbionts and parasites); Diversity and co-evolution of symbiotic bacteria; Microbial ecology and potential applications of vermicompost systems
Michael Dodd Dodd, Michael
Associate Professor
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(206) 685-7583
Environmental Engineering

Chemical oxidation and disinfection processes in drinking water and wastewater treatment; Abiotic processing of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in natural and engineered systems; Decentralized wastewater and drinking water disinfection
Marc O. Eberhard Eberhard, Marc O.
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(206) 543-4815
Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete; Earthquake and Tsunami Engineering; Rapid Construction
Anne Goodchild Goodchild, Anne

Allan & Inger Osberg Associate Professor

SCTL Center Director

Wilson Ceramics Lab 111
(206) 543-3747
Transportation Engineering

Freight Transportation and Logistics; Freight Transportation and Air Quality
Heidi Gough Gough, Heidi
Research Assistant Professor
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(206) 221-0791
Environmental Engineering

Microbial processes in wastewater treatment; Biotransformation of emerging contaminants; Anaerobic digestion; Sediment biogeochemistry; Subsurface bioremediation; Applied microbial ecology
Robert D. Holtz Holtz, Robert D.
Professor Emeritus
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(206) 543-7614
Geotechnical Engineering

Geosynthetics; Soil improvement foundations and soil properties
Alexander R. Horner-Devine Horner-Devine, Alexander R.
Allan & Inger Osberg Associate Professor
Wilcox 163
(206) 685-3032
Hydrology and Hydrodynamics

Environmental fluid mechanics; Coastal oceanography and geophysical fluid dynamics; River plumes
Faisal Hossain Hossain, Faisal
Associate Professor
Wilcox 167
(206) 616-9361
Hydrology and Hydrodynamics

Hydrologic remote sensing; Hydroclimatology; Human impacts; Water resources management; Capacity building and education
Erkan Istanbulluoglu Istanbulluoglu, Erkan
Associate Professor
Wilcox 160
(206) 543-7923
Hydrology and Hydrodynamics

Ecohydrology; Surface Water and Urban Hydrology; Geomorphology
Donald J. Janssen Janssen, Donald J.
Associate Professor Emeritus
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(206) 543-9655
Construction Engineering

Construction Materials; Pavements
Andrew T. Jessup Jessup , Andrew T.
Henderson Hall, 275
(206) 685-2609
Hydrology and Hydrodynamics

Air-Sea Interaction; Remote Sensing
Jessica Kaminsky Kaminsky, Jessica
Assistant Professor
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(206) 221-3058
Construction Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Civil Infrastructure; Developing Communities; Global Engineering Projects and Organizations; Social Sustainability; Qualitative Methods
Amy Kim Kim, Amy
Assistant Professor
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(206) 685-0228
Construction Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Building energy and social science; Construction project delivery; Decision making for operating sustainable infrastructure; Evidence-based design for sustainable buildings; Facility and tenant management; Facility and organizational change management
Edward Kolodziej Kolodziej, Edward
Associate Professor
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(253) 692-5659
Environmental Engineering

Fate and transport of organic contaminants; Non-point source pollution; Endocrine disruption and chemical ecology; Optimization of engineered treatment systems for pollutant control
Gregory V. Korshin Korshin, Gregory V.
More 307
(206) 543-2394
Environmental Engineering

Corrosion and metal release in drinking water; Formation of halogenated disinfection by products; Chemistry and reactivity of natural organic matter
Steven L. Kramer Kramer, Steven L.
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(206) 685-2642
Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical earthquake engineering; Soil dynamics; Foundation engineering
Nirnimesh Kumar Kumar, Nirnimesh
Assistant Professor
Wilcox 265
Hydrology and Hydrodynamics

Coastal physical oceanography; Numerical modeling; Surf zone and shelf processes; Sediment transport; Wave-current interaction; Time-series analysis; HF Radar wave and current measurements.
Timothy V. Larson Larson, Timothy V.
Wilcox 269
(206) 543-6815
Environmental Engineering

Air Quality (Management Aspects); Measurement Methods for Atmospheric Aerosols; Precipitation Scavenging
Dawn E. Lehman Lehman, Dawn E.
Loew 374
(206) 715-2108
Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Seismic design and upgrading of reinforced concrete structures; Development of performance-based seismic design procedures for reinforced concrete bridge columns
Dennis P. Lettenmaier Lettenmaier, Dennis P.
Professor Emeritus

Hydrology and Hydrodynamics

Hydroclimatology; Surface water hydrology; GIS and Remote Sensing
Laura N. Lowes Lowes, Laura N.
William M. and Marilyn M. Conner Professor
More 233C
(206) 685-2563
Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Numerical modeling for structural systems behavior; Constitutive theory; Experimental investigation of structural material; element and system response
Jessica D. Lundquist Lundquist, Jessica D.
Robert O. and Irene V. Sylvester Endowed Professor
Wilcox 165
(206) 685-7594
Hydrology and Hydrodynamics

Hydroclimatology and hydrologic processes; Field study and modeling of snowmelt; Hydrology and meteorology within nested subbasins of alpine watersheds
Peter Mackenzie Mackenzie, Peter
Research Associate Professor
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(206) 724-7589
Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Finite Element Technology; Material Point Method; Discontinuous Galerkin Method; Beam, Plate, and Shell Structures; Structural Stability; Constitutive Modeling of Anisotropic Materials; Soil-Structure Interaction; Contact Analysis (FEM)
Don MacKenzie MacKenzie, Don
Assistant Professor
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(206) 685-7198
Transportation Engineering

Energy impacts of emerging transportation technologies; Vehicle electrification; Vehicle automation; Transportation policy & economics
Joe P. Mahoney Mahoney, Joe P.
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(206) 685-1760
Construction Engineering

Transportation and construction; Pavement systems
Julian D. Marshall Marshall, Julian D.
John R. Kiely Endowed Professor
Wilcox 268
(206) 685-2591
Environmental Engineering

Air quality engineering; Air pollution exposure assessment; Environmental impacts of energy consumption; Environmental engineering in low-income countries; Environmental health; Environmental justice
Ed McCormack McCormack, Ed
Research Assistant Professor
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(206) 543-3348
Transportation Engineering

Freight Transportation; Transportation Infrastructure Protection; Land Use and Transportation; Technology and Transportation
Gregory R. Miller Miller, Gregory R.
Professor and Department Chair
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(206) 543-0350
Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Solid mechanics; Computational methods; Engineering Education
Michael Motley Motley, Michael
Assistant Professor
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(206) 685-1709
Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Energy producing and energy-efficient structures; Probability and reliability-based design methods; Multidisciplinary integrated design methods; Fluid-structure interactions; Blast-resistant structures
Stephen T. Muench Muench, Stephen T.
Tom and Marilyn Draeger - The Beavers Charitable Trust Associate Professor
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(206) 616-1259
Construction Engineering

Sustainable transportation infrastructure; Transportation construction; Pavements; Online training
Rebecca B. Neumann Neumann, Rebecca B.
Assistant Professor
Wilcox 168
(206) 221-2298
Environmental Engineering
Hydrology and Hydrodynamics
Subsurface hydrology and metal biogeochemistry; Plant-controlled below-ground hydrology and biogeochemistry; Field, lab and modeling studies of water and food quality
Bart Nijssen Nijssen, Bart
Associate Professor, WOT
Wilson Ceramics Lab 111
(206) 616-0901
Hydrology and Hydrodynamics

Modeling of hydrological processes; Nowcasting and forecasting; Renewable energy; Remote sensing applications in hydrology; Climate change
Michael J. Pilat Pilat, Michael J.
Professor Emeritus
Wilcox 266
(206) 543-4789
Environmental Engineering

Control of Air Pollutant Emission; Emission Source Monitoring; Toxic and Hazardous Air Pollutants
Dorothy A. Reed Reed, Dorothy A.
Wilcox 263
(206) 543-0351
Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Structural and wind engineering
Charles W. Roeder Roeder, Charles W.
More 233B
(206) 543-6199
Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Experimental and analytical research on the general behavior of structures; Seismic behavior of steel and composite structures; Fatigue of steel structures
Scott Rutherford Rutherford, Scott
Director, Valle Program
Director, Sustainable Transportation Program
Wilson Ceramics Lab, Room 110
(206) 685-2481
Transportation Engineering

Transit Planning;Transportation Planning and Policy; Travel Demand Management
David A. Stahl Stahl, David A.
More 302
(206) 685-8502
Environmental Engineering

General Microbial Ecology; Applied Microbial Ecology; Microbial Evolution and Systematics
John F. Stanton Stanton, John F.
More 214A
(206) 543-6057
Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Mathematical modeling of structures; Seismic isolation; Precast and prestressed concrete
David Stensel Stensel, David
Professor Emeritus
More 303
(206) 543-9358
Environmental Engineering

Biological Nutrient Removal; Biodegradation of Micropollutants; Membrane Bioreactors; Anaerobic Digestion; Biomethane Production; Activated Sludge Modeling; Bioselector Designs; Oxygen Transfer
Stuart E. Strand Strand, Stuart E.
Research Professor
Wilcox 167
(206) 543-5350
Environmental Engineering

Microbial processes for remediation of organic contaminants ; Phytoremediation of contaminated environment; Biological wastewater treatment processes
James M. Thomson Thomson, James M.
Associate Professor
Applied Physics Lab
(206) 616-0858
Hydrology and Hydrodynamics

Coastal oceanography and morphodynamics; Surface-gravity waves; Field observations and remote sensing; Marine renewable energy
Yinhai Wang Wang, Yinhai
Director , PacTrans and STAR Lab
More 121F
(206) 616-2696
Transportation Engineering

Advanced Traffic Detection Systems; Large-Scale Traffic System Modeling and Analysis; Traffic Operations; Transportation Safety
Joseph Wartman Wartman, Joseph
H. R. Berg Associate Professor
More 132
Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical earthquake engineering; Engineering geology; Sustainable geotechnics; Spatial analysis; Natural hazards
Richard Wiebe Wiebe, Richard
Assistant Professor
More 214B
(206) 221-1476
Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Nonlinear dynamics; Experimental mechanics; Structural engineering; Aerospace structures; Buckling, finite element modeling
Mari Winkler Winkler, Mari
Assistant Professor
More 306; Benjamin 476B
(206) 685-3493
Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering