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2023-2027 Strategic Plan

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Pillar 3 | Visibility & engagement

Peer visibility, recruitment (faculty, staff and students), relationship-building and partnerships beyond the department, and marketing and communications.

Outcome 1 Outcome 2 Outcome 3 Outcome 4 Outcome 5


Outcome 1

Increased visibility and engagement with the general public and potential students about UW CEE's impactful role in many of the most pressing issues of our time.

Key strategies

  • Include expectation of op-eds in tenure and promotion cases.
  • Hire communication specialist support.
  • Prioritize specific audiences for communication outreach.
  • Increase strategic use of social media.

Outcome 2

Strong partnerships and substantive engagement with industry, state and local governments, community, and alumni, all leading to innovative applied research projects, research support and grants, greater impact, placement of students, recruitment of graduate students, and/or philanthropic support.

Key strategies

  • Build upon existing contacts, establish new contacts, and continually nurture partnerships.

Outcome 3

Viewed and engaged as a resource, providing research, education and training, by key internal partners at the University of Washington.

Key strategies

  • Ask what top needs are among partners and professional networks.
  • Fund via admissions or class fees.

Outcome 4

Receiving consistent, distinguished recognition and awards in priority areas of impact and focus, including Grand Challenges, research, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Key strategies

  • Renew focus on faculty scholarship.
  • Increase the level of research activity in the department through growth of external research funds and support for training on grant proposals and advancement targeting fellowships.

Outcome 5

Increased visibility with peer institutions, leading to faculty and staff recruitment, greater collaboration, and greater overall impact.

Key strategies

  • Leverage existing faculty-level research collaborations or project partnerships.
  • Provide resources to coordinate and support large project proposals with partners.