Grand Challenges Impact Lab: India Study Abroad

Grand Challenges Impact Lab: India Study Abroad

engineers listening to people in India Community members in India learn about a cookstove study, which aims to improve indoor air pollution levels by distributing cleaner cookstoves. Photo credit: Karthik Sethuraman


A new study abroad program in India will pilot in winter 2018. Led by CEE Professor Julian Marshall, the program will empower students to solve global problems facing humanity, such as food security, clean energy, and clean water, by equipping them with hands-on experience addressing those problems. The program is expected to draw undergraduate and graduate students from across campus, especially from engineering, environment, policy and health programs.

During the 10-week multidisciplinary program, students will learn about problems from residents and experts in India. Students will then develop ideas and test solutions. While India is a logical starting point, the program may later expand to other locations.

The new program is part of the newly established Grand Challenges Impact Lab, funded by a Global Innovation Fund Award in early 2017.

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