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Construction, Energy, and Sustainable Infrastructure Degree Requirements 2019-2020

42 total credits are required for all three options in Construction, Energy, and Sustainable Infrastructure.

Print version: Construction, Energy, and Sustainable Infrastructure degree requirements

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Research Track (Thesis Option) Research Paper Option Professional Master's Program (Coursework Option)
  • 33 credits of coursework
  • 9 credits of CEE 700 – Master's Thesis (max 12 credits with faculty approval)
  • 39 credits of coursework
  • 3 credits of CEE 600 – Research Report
  • 42 credits of coursework

1 credit of CEE 500 or CESI 500 – Seminar can count toward any of the three options.

Specific degree requirements

  • 18 credits minimum 500 level coursework taken in CESI and CM departments (combined)
  • All CESI and CM coursework (except seminars and one credit courses) taken for numeric grade
  • 3 credits minimum 400-500 level coursework outside CESI (CM can count)
  • 6 credits maximum of 1 credit CESI online courses
  • Seminars are optional. Maximum 1 credit.
  • 3.0 Minimum cumulative GPA
  • 2.7 minimum grade for a course to count
  • 499 credits do not count toward a graduate degree
  • 300 and below coursework does not count towards a graduate degree
  • 6 credits maximum of approved transfer credits
  • 6 year maximum to complete degree (including time in official On Leave status)

Please Note: Actual coursework will be determined on an individual basis after meeting with your faculty adviser.