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Transportation Engineering Degree Requirements

Print version: Transportation Engineering degree requirements

Research track
(Thesis Option)
Professional Master's Program Professional Master's Program – Internship option
  • 33 credits of coursework
  • 9 credits of CEE 700 – Master's Thesis 
  • 39 credits of coursework
  • 3 credits of CEE 600 – Research Report
  • 33 credits of coursework
  • 3 credits of CEE 600 – Research Report
  • 6 credits of CEE 601 – Internship

Coursework requirements

  • 18 credits minimum 500 level coursework
  • 18 credits minimum of 400-500 level coursework
  • All CET coursework (except seminars) taken for numeric grade
  • 3 credits minimum outside CEE
  • 499 credits do not count toward a graduate degree
  • 300 and below coursework does not count towards a graduate degree
  • Only 3 credits of CEE 600 can apply to any degree
  • Maximum 2 credits of ENGR 601 allowed with faculty advisor approval

GPA requirements

  • 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA overall
  • 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA in CET coursework
  • 2.7 minimum grade for a course to count

Other requirements:

  • 6 year max to complete degree (including official On Leave status)
  • 6 credits maximum of approved transfer credits
Course # Course Name Credits
CET 502* Research Preparation 1
CET 511 Planning for People and Freight 4
CET 512 Transportation Data Collection 3
CET 513 Transportation Networks and Optimization 3
CET 521 Inferential Data Analysis for Engineers 3
CET 522 Transportation Data Management and Visualization 3

*Note: CET 502  may be listed as CET 599 for 2020-2021.

The remaining course requirements for the MSCE degree can be satisfied by the courses listed below, or other 5XX and some 4XX courses in the CET program, as well as a variety of relevant courses from other departments at the UW.

  • CET 581: Travel Demand Forecasting
  • CET 583: Transportation Energy & Sustainability
  • CET 586: Pedestrian Travel, Land Use, & Urban Form
  • CET 587: Transportation Logistics
  • CET 589: Transit Systems Planning
  • CET 590: Traffic Systems Operations
  • CET 593: Transportation System Analysis
  • CET 599/CEE415: Machine Learning for Civil Engineers

Students are encouraged to explore the availability of these courses and decide on an individual plan of study that balances depth and breadth, in line with the student's career goals, with guidance and approval from their faculty adviser.

Note: As a guide please look at the Transportation Engineering Suggested Electives document.

Please Note: Actual coursework will be determined on an individual basis after meeting with your faculty adviser.