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Future students

Online electives

Online courses are now open to on-campus CEE students

In addition to on-campus classes, CEE master’s program students may pursue single course enrollment in the four CEE online graduate degree programs. The online courses may be taken as electives, with approval of the student’s academic adviser. Each online program has constraints as to course sequence and class size, so there is no guarantee of enrollment into a specific course. First priority for course enrollment is given to students enrolled in the corresponding online program. All four online programs are fee-based with tuition rates shown in the table.

Online program Courses Tuition
Energy Infrastructure View courses $640 per credit
Construction Engineering View courses $730 per credit
Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics View courses $953 per credit
Sustainable Transportation View courses $720 per credit

One-credit online courses

Students across all CEE specialty areas can hone their skills with one-credit online courses offered through the Energy Infrastructure program. At this time, topics range from electric grids to operation of wind farms and more with two to three of these courses offered each quarter. In the future, it is expected than additional one-credit courses will be added from programs such as Sustainable Transportation. These one-credit courses are structured to be self-study, and grading is credit/no credit. Courses comprise four weeks of Canvas-based lectures and quizzes followed by a fifth week of discussion and questions and answers with the instructor. The Energy Infrastructure track students may take up to six one-credit courses to apply toward their degree. Students in other programs/tracks will need to consult their academic adviser as to whether these courses can count toward their degree coursework.