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Student labs & workspaces

Students use new environmental lab equipment funded by generous donors.

CEE is seeking donations big and small to improve student facilities in More Hall. Financial support from alumni and friends is increasingly important as the department aims to educate future civil and environmental engineers in a facility that is tight on space and long overdue for upgrades. Many student spaces are in need of enhancements, including undergraduate research labs and student activity spaces.

Improving lab and workspace enables students to complete more hands-on lab assignments and better collaborate on projects. The department recently received funding from the College of Engineering to improve the Materials Lab, but several labs are still in need, including:

  • Harris Hydraulics Lab: To enable small groups of students to conduct fluid labs, funding is needed to purchase modular experimental test set-ups and renovate space to accommodate the equipment.
  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab: To enable groups of students to perform soil tests, multi-axial testing systems are needed in addition to new microscopes and furniture.
  • Environmental Lab: To continue building up the environmental engineering lab, which is a core component of the new BSENVE program, additional support is needed, including $25,000 for space upgrades and $95,000 for additional instrumentation.
  • Computer Lab: New furniture and larger monitors are needed to enable groups of students to view and discuss simulation data.
  • Student activity workspaces: Improve the work spaces for student organizations and teams, including Concrete Canoe Team and Steel Bridge Team.

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To explore giving opportunities, contact Kaitlin Colleary at 206-685-6192 or