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What is CEE?

Take a moment to look around you. Buildings, bridges, running water and transit systems are the work of civil and environmental engineers.

students on tower used for mountain hydrology

Civil and environmental engineers design, construct and manage the essential facilities, systems and structures around us. Their work plays a crucial role in enabling livable, sustainable cities, healthy environments and strong economies. 

At the University of Washington, Civil & Environmental Engineering students and faculty are taking on the challenges presented by our aging national infrastructure, while developing new approaches to address the needs of urban systems and communities around the globe. UW CEE is dedicated to providing students with leading-edge technical skill development and opportunities for hands-on practice to enable them to tackle complex engineering problems in response to changing technological and societal needs. 

Housed in an outstanding university, UW CEE offers one of the world’s premier programs in the field. The UW College of Engineering undergraduate program is ranked #21 and CEE’s graduate programs are ranked #20 for civil engineering and #25 for environmental engineering for 2021, according to U.S. News & World Report.


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