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Leading the Way: CEE Seniors Share What It’s Like Leading Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge and ASCE

Brooke Fisher
January 31, 2017

Nick Worden, Elijah Suh, Iris Kwong, and Marissa Gelms (from left to right)

They aren’t CEOs- not yet, at least. But you can begin to see a glimpse of what the future may hold when you learn what the leaders of CEE’s student organizations are achieving through their hard work, devotion and ingenuity. From the Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge teams to the American Society of Civil Engineers’ UW Chapter, four undergraduate seniors share what it’s like leading CEE’s student organizations and what their goals are for the year.

Marissa Gelms
Co-leads the UW Concrete Canoe Team.

Iris Kwong
Co-leads the UW Concrete Canoe Team.

Nick Worden
Leads the UW Steel Bridge Team.

Elijah Suh
Leads the UW Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers.