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Seana Davidson

Seana Davidson Research Associate Professor
 Ben Hall
 The Davidson Lab Group


  • Ph.D., Marine Biology, UC San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1999
  • B.A., Biology, University of Oregon, Robert D. Clark Honors College, 1990


Seana K. Davidson is a Research Assistant Professor in the Environmental Engineering group. She has extensive experience identifying and analyzing symbiotic bacteria living in larger organisms, mostly invertebrates, using molecular, histological and microscopy methods. Areas of interest and active research include: mechanisms of host colonization by specific beneficial bacteria, bioactive compounds from bacteria associated with animals, waste management and bioremediation using vermicomposting. Currently we are studying bacteria associated with earthworms, very small mobile bioreactors that stimulate bacteria and fungi, and exploring the utility of vermicomposting for waste management and soil remediation. In addition to their potential applications, the common composting worm Eisenia fetida serves as a model for host-microbe interactions. Most organisms harbor beneficial bacteria that are specific to their host. We are using multiple approaches, including genetics and genomics, to study mechanisms involved during early colonization of specific tissue by beneficial bacteria, how they persist, their diversity and functions.