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Faculty Contact: Yinhai Wang

The STAR Lab is an excellent research facility for intelligent transportation systems (ITS) research and education (see Figure 1 for an example space photo). The STAR Lab currently has two fiber optic connections to the WSDOT Traffic System Management Center (TSMC). Full motion video can be captured from approximately 700 surveillance video cameras deployed by WSDOT (Figure 2). Real-time loop measurements from over 10 thousands of inductance loops in the greater Seattle area are also available at the STAR Lab.

Space Photo of the STAR Lab

Figure 1: An Example Space Photo of the STAR Lab

Live Video from 700 WSDOT Surveillance Cameras

Figure 2: STAR Lab Live Video from 700 WSDOT Surveillance Cameras

The STAR Lab has its own traffic sensors generating data for research and teaching. For example, students can access data from the thermal camera, infrared camera and surveillance video camera installed on campus (Figure 3). Additionally, the STAR Lab has 23 server computers actively used for data management and analysis.

STAR Lab Cameras

Figure 3: STAR Lab Cameras (from left to right, thermal, infrared, and surveillance cameras) Installed on Campus