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Information for New Majors


Welcome newly admitted CEE majors! This includes students in the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering programs, as well as students entering through Upper-Division admission, Direct to College Placement, transfer, international, postbac, and the STARS program—all of you!

Since you’ve learned of your admission to the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE), you may now be wondering what happens next. The undergraduate student guide will serve as a roadmap to help you navigate your next steps in the Department and make the best of the opportunities available to you here.

We are excited to have you in the CEE Department and are preparing for your enrollment. Initially, it may take several weeks before we can finalize the incoming class, at which point we will reach out with add codes for required CEE classes for the autumn quarter. In the meantime, it may be helpful to review the following frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some questions that may arise after you’ve been offered admission to the CEE Department.

Students receive their Upper-Division admission notice by email in late May. Be sure to accept the offer of admission on the online form provided in the offer email (If you are a transfer applicant, you can still submit your intent to accept the offer of admission for the major while you wait for the UW Admission offer to arrive). We ask for you to wait a few weeks until we can get our autumn quarter enrollment projections finalized. We will then assign students to required 300-level CEE courses and distribute add codes so that you may register for classes. Space in required 300-level CEE courses will be reserved for you, so you need not worry. In the meantime, you can view the degree requirements for the BSCE and BSENVE degree program.

The first stage of getting our new majors settled is assigning students into 300-level CEE courses. After that, we will provide opportunities for group advising (e.g., for transfer students during their Advising & Orientation day) and individual advising by appointment and during drop-in hours. There will also be a CEE Welcome and Orientation Day about one week into autumn quarter, where you can learn about the CEE Department, interact with faculty, staff, and current students, and attend a student activities and organization fair to learn about opportunities within the department, such as student clubs, competition teams, research, study abroad, and internships. For more information on advising appointments, blog, calendar, and listservs, refer to the communications section of the undergraduate student guide.

If you are a continuing UW student, you can use placeholders to reserve space in classes for autumn quarter. When you receive your add codes for CEE 300-level courses, you can then drop the placeholders and register for the required CEE courses. If you have been admitted conditionally with the requirement that you complete a certain class, please be sure to register for that class for autumn quarter.

A change of major form will be submitted for you. The change of major will typically be effective starting autumn quarter, so don’t panic if you don’t see your new major on MyUW until the first day of the quarter. If you are declared in another major, you will be asked to complete a change of major form, have it signed by the department that you are leaving, and submit it to the CEE Department.

It may take several weeks for the UW Office of Admissions to send the admission packet for transfer students offered admission to the major. Once you receive your UW admission packet, please be sure to follow through on accepting the UW offer of admissions and scheduling your UW Advising & Orientation sessions.

If you have completed or will complete courses at another institution in spring and/or summer quarter, please submit an updated official transcript to the UW Office of Admissions after the grades for your final courses from that institution have been posted.