Future Students

This page has been updated to reflect UW Engineering's new Direct to College (DTC) admission process. The changes take effect for the incoming freshman class of 2018. For details, see:

April 2017 announcement  Direct to College FAQ

Conditional Application for Admission

If you are unable to finish all the prerequisite courses by the July 1 deadline, but still want to apply, you must obtain permission from the department.

Missing prerequisites should be completed during summer quarter. Only in rare extenuating circumstances will a request for a conditional application be approved for prerequisites that will be taken in autumn.

Prerequisites must be completed by summer as the junior year curriculum is fixed. New majors travel through classes with their cohort and courses are structured with the assumption that students have completed all the prerequisites. Students who have a prerequisite class to complete in autumn, and who are admitted into the department with a conditional application, will need to work closely with CEE advising on schedule planning.

How to Submit a Conditional Application Request

Submit the online conditional application request form prior to completing your engineering application to allow time for your request to be reviewed. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The missing prerequisite course
  • Where and when the course will be taken
  • Your contact information and UW ID number, if available
  • Transcripts

If approved, students may apply for admission pending the completion of one (or possibly two) prerequisite courses. Please allow 48 hours for a reply, although we will aim to reply as soon as possible after you have submitted of the form.