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Spring 2024 Edition

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Woman watering plants in a greenhouse

A biochar solution for urban runoff

CEE researchers test biologically derived charcoal filters and fungi as tools in purifying city waters, a step towards eco-friendly solutions.

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Two military officers in white uniform with their right arm raised at Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium

From uniforms to Huskies

In CEE, military officers have found a home for their academic pursuits while enriching the departmental community with their unique perspectives.

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Bethany Gordon headshot

Community-driven design

Assistant Professor Bethany Gordon integrates social sciences with engineering, aiming for more inclusive designs that consider human behavior.

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Chair’s message

CEE Chair Bart Nijssen shares his goals for the department, with a focus on strengthening community engagement.

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Morteza Derakhti joins the department

Derakhti will be joining the department as an assistant professor, bringing his expertise in ocean wave modeling and coastal engineering from his work in the Applied Physics Lab.

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Professor Emeritus Steve Kramer serves as graduation keynote speaker

Kramer, a distinguished expert in geotechnical earthquake engineering, served as the keynote speaker at CEE's graduation on June 1, sharing career insights and advice with nearly 300 new graduates.

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Department launches new External Engagement Committee

The new committee aims to strengthen ties with industry, government and community partners and highlight the department’s collaborative projects.

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More than 200 attend CEE career fair

Students connected with 95 employers at CEE's 18th annual career fair to learn about internships and jobs.

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Advancing surface water tracking in Bangladesh

Professor Faisal Hossain helps lead NASA's SWOT satellite mission to aid in Bangladesh's water management.

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Beyond the blueprint

Students visit light rail extension project to learn about major infrastructure engineering.

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RAPID center awarded $1.5 million NIH grant for disaster and health research

The grant enables the RAPID center to enhance its research on the intersection of engineering and public health, focusing on long-term health outcomes from disasters.

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Urban Freight Lab expands impact beyond Seattle

The lab is collaborating with U.S. cities to improve curb management and safety nationwide.

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Expanding the circle of his impact

Mo Malakoutian brings his unique perspective from the realms of engineering and education to public service and local government.

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Honors and awards

Congratulations to students and faculty who have received awards, scholarships and other honors.

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