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Woman watering plants in a greenhouse

Apr 08, 2024

A biochar solution for urban runoff

CEE researchers test biologically derived charcoal filters and fungi as tools in purifying city waters, a step towards eco-friendly solutions.
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Head shot of faculty member Bethany Gordon

Mar 28, 2024

Community-driven design

Bethany Gordon integrates social sciences with engineering, aiming for more inclusive designs that consider human behavior.
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Two students stand on either side of a canoe and fasten foam insulation to the sides

Mar 04, 2024

Making a big splash

Members of the UW Concrete Canoe Team gain hands-on experience designing and constructing a canoe almost entirely from concrete.
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Mo Malakoutian headshot

Jan 22, 2024

Expanding the circle of his impact

Mo Malakoutian brings his unique perspective from the realms of engineering and education to public service and local government.
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A group of students wearing safety vests standing around a drone on a lawn

Dec 07, 2023

First-year students become acquainted with “Drones n’ Lasers”

Students gets hands-on with LiDAR drones, transforming campus landscapes into detailed 3D models.
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A person with their back to the camera standing in front of a moving train

Nov 27, 2023

Elevating engineering careers for tomorrow’s challenges

CEE’s professional master’s programs offer flexible options for many different fields.
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