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Spring 2019 Edition

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UW graduate student Yasmine Farhat collects soil samples in a rice field in Cambodia.

Safeguarding a staple food

Graduate student Yasmine Farhat is working to understand how Cambodia’s most important crop will be impacted by the introduction of hydropower dams along the Mekong River.

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Big results for ‘the big one’

Most people know that the Pacific Northwest is overdue for a catastrophic earthquake. But they may not know that CEE faculty are actively working to reduce the consequences.

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The team behind the modified houseplants

Research highlights

From engineering a houseplant that can clean the air to investigating antibiotic resistant bacteria, CEE researchers continue to innovate.

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Chair’s message

Department chair Laura Lowes provides an overview of the growth of the department in numerous areas, including undergraduate and graduate level curriculum.

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Professor David Stahl retires

For the majority of his career, professor David Stahl has researched something so small it can’t be seen by the unaided eye. His accomplishments, on the other hand, are quite visible.

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Career connections

More than 400 students connected with representatives from 79 participating companies at the 13th annual CEE Career in January 2019.

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Mariko Navin transitions careers

For three decades, undergraduate adviser Mariko Navin has guided students toward achieving their career-oriented goals. And now, she’s taking an "early retirement" to pursue one of her own.

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Remembering Dale Carlson

At the age of 94, dean and CEE chair emeritus Dale Carlson passed away in February 2019. His vision and ability to engage others were key to his outstanding career and leadership at UW.

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Sharing the excitement of engineering

During Discovery Days, students and faculty from all UW engineering departments shared their work with more than 8,900 elementary and middle school students.

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Watch the 2019 Evans Lecture

During the 2019 Evans Endowed Lecture, secretary of transportation Roger Millar discussed both opportunities and challenges the transportation industry is facing.

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Team triumphs

Several CEE student teams saw success at the 2019 Pacific Northwest ASCE and AISC Student Conference this spring.

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Awards & accolades

Congratulations to students and faculty who have received awards, scholarships and other honors.

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