Academic Services and Advising Computing Laboratory/Technical Staff Advancement Research Staff Center Staff

Administrative Staff
  Staff Member Responsibilities
Laura Lowes Laura N. Lowes
Department Chair

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no photo placeholder iamge Veronica Brauchli
Assistant to the Chair

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  • Chair’s calendar
  • Faculty/Outside Instructor Hiring / Academic HR
  • Promotion & Tenure
  • Department Events
  • Department Committees
Brooke Fisher Brooke Fisher
Marketing & Communications Manager

 Loew 353
  • Bridge newsletter
  • Web site content
  • Departmental flyers and print pieces
  • Story ideas (student features, innovative research, etc.)
  • Photography
Person placeholder image Ted Hanson

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  • Strategic planning
  • Department operations and finance
  • Human resources
  • Budgeting and projections (non-sponsored budgets)
Jill Klein Jill Klein
Grants Manager

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  • Grants & Contracts Management
  • Proposal Submissions
  • Budget Reporting
  • Salary Planning
  • Cost Share Commitments
Janice Mehringer Janice Mehringer
Administrative Coordinator

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  • More Hall administrative office operations
  • CEE building keys
  • Visa processing
  • VISIT/VISER and Visiting Scholar/Scientist appointments
  • Research Associate appointments
Sandra Ngo Sandra Ngo
Grants Manager

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  • Grants & Contracts Management
  • Proposal Submissions
  • Budget Reporting
  • Salary Planning
  • Cost Share Commitments
Cind Phan Cindy Phan
Payroll Coordinator

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  • Payroll
  • Scholarship/fellowship disbursements
  • Effort reporting (GCCRs/FECs)
  • Grad student and hourly appointments
  • Travel administration
Josie A. Samson Josie A. Samson
Fiscal Specialist

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  • Reimbursements
  • Purchasing
  • ProCard administration
  • Travel administration
  • Paying Invoices
  • Payment to Individual, Non-PO Invoices
Placeholder Summer L. Dela Cruz
Budget and Operations Manager

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  • Building coordinator and space/facilities management (More, Wilcox, Wilson, Harris)
  • Billing and receiving for CT Scanner, Environmental Engineering Analytical Center, and Structures Lab
  • Budget management and projections (non-sponsored budgets)
Juannan Zhou Juannan (Sunday) Zhou
Web Information Specialist

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  • Web content development
  • Website maintenance
Academic Services and Advising
  Staff Member Responsibilities
Bryan Crockett Bryan Crockett
Director of Academic Services

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  • Direct CEE Academic Services and Advising
  • Valle Program Adviser
  • Graduate Advising:
    • PhD
    • MSCE – Thesis
    • MSCE – Professional Master's Program
  • Graduate Fellowships
  • Academic Misconduct
Brian Kinnear Brian Kinnear
Undergraduate Adviser

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Mariko Navin Mariko Navin
Academic Counselor, Lead

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image placeholder Eric Huberty
Graduate Program Adviser

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  • Graduate Advising:
    • PhD
    • MSCE – Thesis
    • MSCE – Professional Master's Program
  • Graduate Fellowships
  • Graduate Student Academic Misconduct
Jennifer Ross Jennifer Ross
Online Graduate Programs Adviser

 Wilson Ceramics Lab 109
  • Graduate Advising:
    • SCTL
    • MST
    • Construction Online
    • Energy Infrastructre
Image placeholder Katie Ward
SCTL Program Adviser

 Wilson Ceramics Lab 105
Haeda Yasui Haeda Yasui
Program Coordinator

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  • Time Scheduling
  • Curriculum management
  • Classroom changes/requests
  • Add codes/general registration questions
  • Course evaluations
  Staff Member Responsibilities
Serhad Atakturk Serhad Atakturk
Senior Computer Specialist

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  • Software & Hardware Purchases
  • Telephones
  • CEE Mail & Network Services
  • IT Support (Computers & Devices, RICOH copiers, Networking)
  • Server Management
Nicholas Burmeister Nicholas Burmeister
Computer Support Technician

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  • OS & Software Deployment
  • Computer Lab Management
  • Building Access via Husky Card
  • IT Support (Computers & Devices, RICOH copiers, Networking)
  • Server Management
Laboratory/Technical Staff
  Staff Member Responsibilities
Vongsant (Vince) Chaijaroen Vongsant (Vince) Chaijaroen
Research Scientist Engineering II

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  • Structures lab
Yiming Liu Yiming Liu
Engineering Technician

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  • Materials Lab Activities
  • Geotech Lab Activities
  • Inventory (new purchases and insurance)
  • Surplus
Sean Yeung Sean Yeung
Environmental Lab Manager

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  • Building maintenance
  • Lab & shop safety
  • Environmental labs
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • CT scanner
  Staff Member Responsibilities
image of Kaitlin Colleary Kaitlin Colleary
Associate Director

 Loew 301W
  • Gifts/Donations
  • Alumni relations
  • Planned giving
image of Janeka Rector Janeka Rector
Assistant Director

 Loew 301X
  • Gifts/Donations
  • Alumni relations
  • Planned giving
Research Staff
  Staff Member Responsibilities
Christina Bandaragoda Christina Bandaragoda
Research Scientist

 Wilcox 266
Nicoleta Cristea Nicoleta Cristea
Research Scientist

 Wilcox 159
Tim Gould Tim Gould
Research Scientist

 Wilcox 270
Jessica Hardwicke Jessica Hardwicke
Research Scientist

 Benjamin Hall 467
Madelyn Shapiro Madelyn Shapiro
Research Scientist

 Benjamin Hall 476
Christopher Tessum Christopher Tessum
Research Scientist

 Wilcox 270
Long Zhang Long Zhang
Research Scientist
 Benjamin Hall 490
Center Staff
  Staff Member Responsibilities
Jeffrey Berman Jeffrey Berman
Rapid Experimental Facility Site Operations Director

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Placeholder image Jake Dafni
Rapid Experimental Facility Site Operations Manager

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Placeholder portrait Shirley Gilbert
UW TRAC Program Support Supervisor

Anne Goodchild Anne Goodchild
Director, SCTL

 Wilson 111
Placeholder portrait Mark Hallenbeck
UW TRAC Director

Barbara Ivanov Barbara Ivanov
Chief of Operations, SCTL

 Wilson 112
  • Urban Freight Lab
  • Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Center, research
Cole Kopca Cole Kopca
Assistant Director, PacTrans

Bill Keough Bill Keough
SCTL Masters Program Director of Program Operations
Affiliate Associate Professor

 Wilson Ceramics Lab 109
Stephen Muench Stephen Muench
Valle Program Director

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Melanie Paredes Melanie Paredes
PacTrans Program Coordinator

  • PacTrans Budget reconciliation
  • PacTrans Travel
  • PacTrans Purchasing
  • PacTrans Bpos
  • PacTrans Reimbursements
  • Misc PacTrans Administration
Yinhai Wang Yinhai Wang
PacTrans Director

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Joseph Wartman Joseph Wartman
Rapid Experimental Facility Principal Investigator and Director
H. R. Berg Professor

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