Michael Motley

Michael Motley Associate Professor
 More 233D


  • Ph.D., Princeton University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2011
  • M.S., Virginia Tech, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2004
  • B.S., The Citadel, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2003


Mike Motley received his PhD from Princeton University in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus on structural engineering and mechanics, during which time he spent two years, in addition to his post-doctoral work, in the Department of Naval Architecture at the University of Michigan. During this time, Professor Motley developed a unique research expertise in both the mechanics and dynamics of fluids and the structural mechanics and response of large-scale marine structures. Presently, his research focuses load prediction during large wave events (e.g., tsunamis), response of coastal structures to multi-hazard phenomena associated with subduction zone events, passive control techniques and structural response of horizontal axis marine hydrodynamic turbine systems, and exploitation of bend-twist coupling mechanisms for improving the performance of composite marine structures.