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Video Conferencing

There are minimum Graduate School requirements that must be met regarding video conferences during doctoral examinations.

Graduate School Requirements

General and Final Examinations must have four committee members present: the Chair, Graduate School Representative (GSR) and at least one additional Graduate Faculty member. If a member(s) needs to participate at an exam but cannot be physically present, the Graduate School allows for video conferences if the following requirements are met:

  • The conference process is initiated and completed by the student and/or student’s department.
  • All costs incurred are the responsibility of the student and/or student’s department.
  • All visual aids used at the examination must be available to conference participants prior to the examination.
  • All committee members, including the GSR, must be notified of the conference prior to the examination.
  • The Graduate School Representative (GSR) must be present and is not allowed to participate by conference.
  • If communication is broken during the examination and cannot be retrieved thereby not fulfilling the minimum number of exam participants, the examination must be terminated and rescheduled to a later time/date.
  • Committee members who are participating by video conferencing will send a fax or email to the Chair of the committee stating that he or she attended the exam, including the date and time, and how they voted (pass, reexamine, fail). This document must be attached to the original warrant.

If the student is to participate at the examination by video conference, the following requirements must be met in addition to the pertinent requirements listed above:

  • The student must arrange to participate by conference at an academic institution.
  • A proctor (faculty or administrative personnel) must be present throughout the entire examination.
  • The proctor must submit a letter to the GPC of the student's department that verifies their responsibility during the examination.

If the above stated requirements are not met, the examination may be invalid and the Graduate School may require another examination. Learn more about the Graduate School’s policy.