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Current students

University Honors Program in Engineering

The University Honors Program provides a dynamic learning context for students looking for a rigorous and enhanced educational experience. Three honors degree tracks are available:

Interdisciplinary Honors

Interdisciplinary Honors is offered to incoming freshmen, as well as freshmen with a 3.3 GPA who apply during spring quarter. To earn Interdisciplinary Honors, students must complete 11 required honors courses, participate in two experiential learning projects, develop an online portfolio of their work and maintain a 3.3 GPA.

CEE Departmental Honors

Students who wish to pursue Departmental Honors may enroll once they are admitted into the BSCE degree program. To earn Departmental Honors, students must complete six credits of ad hoc honors coursework in CEE and an honors senior project (three credits of the honors section of CEE 499, registered for using the independent study form). To earn ad hoc honors credits, students develop a senior honors project with a faculty adviser who oversees their work. Additional information on the ad hoc process and the course application form may be found on the UW Honors ad hoc site. Students who complete Departmental Honors requirements graduate “With Honors in Civil Engineering.”

Declaring Departmental Honors

CEE majors may declare departmental honors by submitting an email request to CEE advising or by talking with an advisor. The following requirements must be met:

  • A cumulative UW GPA of at least 3.30
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.45 in all CEE courses
  • Civil engineering major status

College Honors in CEE

College Honors requires completion of both Interdisciplinary Honors and Departmental Honors in the student's major. Completion of both requirements earns the distinction of graduating “With College Honors in Civil Engineering.”