Future Students

This page has been updated to reflect UW Engineering's new Direct to College (DTC) admission process. The changes take effect for the incoming freshman class of 2018. For details, see:

April 2017 announcement  Direct to College FAQ

How to Apply

Current UW Students

Students interested in declaring the BSEnvE major should complete the online form. CEE advisers will initiate the major declaration form for those who are eligible. Students may petition for an exception to an admission requirement. Decisions will be based on the feasibility of making up missed courses while still graduating on time, as well as whether the student is academically prepared for the courses in the major.


Students planning to enroll in junior-year required course work are encouraged to declare the major before registration for autumn quarter.

Transfer Students ยป

Many students join UW CEE after attending community college or four-year institutions. Transfer students must be admitted to the UW before they can declare the BSEnvE major.