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Email lists, phone and fax

Internal email lists

Telephone & fax

New VOIP phones

The features of our new VOIP phones are described in the following links:

  1. User’s guide to the 9611G SIP phone (PDF)
  2. Full Voicemail guide

General phone information

To place an on-campus call - Campus telephone prefixes are 543, 685, 616, and 221. To place a call from an on-campus phone to another on-campus phone, dial the last five digits of the phone number you are calling. For example, to call 206.543.2391, you would dial 3-2391.

To place a call within the US and Canada - dial 9 + area code + seven-digit telephone number.

To place an International call - Please follow the guidelines outlined at the UW IT Connect site for International Long Distance calls.

Fax machines

The department has a fax machine located in More 206 for official university business only. Instructions for sending a fax are located near the fax machine. An authorization code is required to send a long distance fax. If you are sending a long distance fax, see your faculty adviser to obtain the authorization code. If you are expecting a fax, please ask the sender to be sure your name is on it. If a fax arrives for you, you will be notified to pick it up in the Main Office. If you are expecting a fax and you have not been notified, check at the reception desk in the Main Office. The following fax machines are available:

  • More main copy/fax (More 206): 3-1543
  • Wilcox 161: 5-3836
  • Valle office (More 201): 3-1543