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Committee rosters

CEE Executive Committee (2022-23)

  • Bart Nijssen (chair)
  • Alex Horner-Devine
  • Anne Goodchild
  • Steve Muench
  • Hettie Scofield

UW and CoE committee participation

Committee Name CEE member Term Ends Term # (if applicable)
College Council Mike Motley Fall 2025 3 years
Council on Educational Policy Eberhard, Marc Fall 2023 3 years
Council on Promotion & Tenure Reed, Dorothy Spring 2025 3 Years
Accreditation & Continuous Improvement Committee (AC) Muench, Steve TBD TBD
Faculty Senate Don MacKenzie Fall 2024 2 years 

2022-23 CEE Mentoring Committees

Name Rank Chair Committee Members
Butman, David Assoc. TBD SEFS Dodd, TBD SEFS
Calvi, Paolo Assoc. Stanton Dodd, Motley, Wiebe
Dodd, Michael Assoc. Korshin Brett, Stanton, Marshall
Fuhrmeister, Erica Asst. Winkler Butman, Dodd, Kolodziej
Gomez, Michael Asst. Eberhard Arduino, Kramer, Neumann, Wartman
Gordon, Bethany Asst. Lowes Lehman, Muench, Reed, MacKenzie
Kaminsky, Jessica Assoc. Muench Dodd, Goodchild, Lowes
MacKenzie, Don Assoc. Boyle Goodchild, Hossain, Wang
Mackenzie, Peter Rsch. Assoc. Arduino Eberhard, Kramer, Istanbulluoglu
Maurer, Brett Asst. Berman Arduino, Calvi, Kramer, Wartman
McCormack, Ed Rsch. Assoc. Wang Chen, Goodchild
Motley, Michael Assoc. Lehman Dodd, Horner-Devine, Berman
Ray, Jessica Asst. Brett Lundquist, Maurer, Korshin
Regan, Amelia Assoc. teaching Prof. Goodchild Ban, Lowes, Reed
Neumann, Rebecca Assoc. Lundquist Korshin, Horner-Devine, Stanton
Shean, David Asst. Lundquist

Muench, Wartman, Lowes

Thonstad, Travis Asst. Lehman

Ban, Berman, Wiebe

Wiebe, Richard

Assoc. Arduino P. Mackenzie, Motley, Muench
Winkler, Mari Assoc. Lundquist Berman, Neumann, Brett
Yamaura, Julian Asst. Teaching Prof.  Muench Regan, Reed, Eberhard, Kaminsky, Julia Jones (ME)

2022-23 CEE Standing Committees

Undergraduate Education Committee 

  • Muench, Steve (Chair)
  • Dodd, Mike
  • Hossain, Faisal
  • Lehman, Dawn
  • Lundquist, Jessica
  • Motley, Mike
  • Shean, David
  • Thonstad, Travis
  • Wang, Yinhai
  • Wiebe, Richard
  • Winkler, Mari
  • Yamaura, Julian
  • Crockett, Bryan (ex-officio)
  • Kinnear, Brian (ex-officio)
  • Cushner, Lauren (ex-officio)
  • Brooke Fisher (ex-officio)
  • USAB student representatives:
    • Gagliano, Eric
    • Pestana, Steven

Graduate Education Committee

  • Goodchild, Anne (Chair)
  • Brett, Michael (Graduate Education Coordinator) 
  • Calvi, Paolo
  • Eberhard, Marc
  • Istanbulluoglu, Erkan
  • Jessup, Andy
  • Kolodziej, Ed
  • Korshin, Gregory
  • Mackenzie-Helnwein, Peter
  • Maurer, Brett
  • Ray, Jessica
  • Reed, Dorothy
  • Regan, Amelia
  • Stanton, John
  • Wartman, Joe
  • Crockett, Bryan (ex-officio)
  • Emigh, Charlotte (ex-officio)
  • Smith, Kimbo (ex-officio)
  • GSAB student representatives:
    • TBD

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)

  • Alex Horner-Devine (Chair)
  • Butman, David
  • Gomez, Mike
  • Gordon, Bethany
  • Lowes, Laura
  • MacKenzie, Don
  • McCormack, Ed
  • Neumann, Becca
  • Thomson, Jim
  • Mabbott, Lily (ex-Officio)
  • GSAB student representatives:
    • Murray, Abbey
    • Nguyen, Lily
  • USAB student representatives:
    • Phillips, Ingrid
    • Anderson, Curtis

2022-23 Student Boards

Graduate Student Advisory Board (GSAB)

  • Fung, Samantha (Service period Fall 2022)
  • Hu, Michelle (Service period Fall 2022)
  • Manaster, Amanda (Service Period 2022)
  • Baker, Christine (Service Period Fall 2022)
  • Roman, Brian (Service period 2022-23)
  • Pestana, Steven (Service period 2022-23)
  • Uwaoma, Uzo (Service period 2022-23)
  • Gagliano, Eric (Service period 2022-23)
  • Murray, Abigail (Service period 2022-23)
  • Nguyen, Lily (Service period 2022-23)


Undergraduate Student Advisory Board (USAB)

  • Curtis Anderson
  • Ingrid Phillips
  • Lauren Wittkopf
  • Peter Yu