Committee Rosters

CEE Executive Committee

  • Laura Lowes (chair)
  • Alex Horner-Devine
  • Michael Motley
  • Joe Mahoney
  • Pedro Arduino
  • Michael Brett
  • Ted Hanson
  • Yinhai Wang

UW and CoE committee participation

Committee Name CEE member Term ends (if applicable) Term # (if applicable)
College Council Marc Eberhard 2019 2/2 (term ending, will re-elect)
Council on Educational Policy Michael Dodd (Chair) N/A N/A
Council on Promotion & Tenure Gregory Korshin 9/15/2021 2/2
Accredidation & Continuous Improvement Committee (AC) Dawn Lehman N/A (volunteer basis of Lehman) N/A
Faculty Senate Faisal Hossain 9/15/2019 2/2 (term ending, will re-elect)

2019-2020 CEE Mentoring Committees

Name Rank Chair Committee Members
Ban, Jeff Assoc. Mahoney Boyle, D. Mackenzie, Wang
Butman, David Asst. TBD SEFS Dodd, TBD SEFS
Calvi, Paolo Asst. Stanton Dodd, Motley, Wiebe
Dodd, Michael Assoc. Korshin Marshall, Stanton, Kumar
Gomez, Michael Asst. Kramer Eberhard, Mahoney, Kolodziej
Kaminsky, Jessica Asst. Muench Dodd, Goodchild, Larson
Kim, Amy Asst. Mahoney Berman, Hossain, Lehman
Kumar, Nirnimesh Asst. Horner-Devine Winkler, Thomson, Berman
MacKenzie, Don Assoc. Boyle Goodchild, Hossain, Wang
Mackenzie, Peter Rsch. Assoc. Arduino Eberhard, Kramer, Istanbulluoglu
Maurer, Brett Asst. Kramer Berman, Calvi, Arduino
McCormack, Ed Rsch. Assoc. Wang Chen, Goodchild, Muench
Motley, Michael Assoc. Lehman Dodd, Horner-Devine, Berman
Ray, Jessica Asst. Brett Lundquist, Maurer, Korshin
Neumann, Rebecca Assoc. Lundquist Korshin, Larson, Stanton
Shean, David Asst. Lundquist Wartman, Nijssen, Kim
Wiebe, Richard Asst. Arduino P. Mackenzie, Motley, Muench
Winkler, Mari Asst. Lundquist Berman, Neumann, Brett

2019-2020 CEE Standing Committees

Undergrad Education Committee

  • Muench, Steve (Chair)
  • Dodd, Michael C (ABET – BSENVE)
  • Eberhard, Marc O
  • Horner-Devine, A (sabbatical leave 19/20)
  • Hossain, Faisal
  • Kaminsky, Jessica A
  • Kim, Amy A
  • Marshall, Julian
  • Maurer, Brett
  • Yamaura, Julian
  • Brett, Mike (ex-officio)
  • Crockett, Bryan (ex-officio)
  • Kinnear, Brian (ex-officio)
  • Emigh, Charlotte (ex-officio)

Graduate Education Committee

  • Istanbulluoglu, E (Chair)
  • Ban, Xuegang (grad adviser)
  • Brett, Michael T (grad adviser)
  • Kramer, Steven L (grad adviser)
  • Kumar, Nirnimesh (grad adviser)
  • Mahoney, Joe P (grad adviser)
  • McCormack, Ed
  • Wiebe, Richard (grad adviser)
  • Korshin, Gregory V.
  • Shean, David (data science)
  • Crockett, Bryan (ex-officio)
  • Huberty, Eric (ex-officio)
  • Ross, Jen (ex-officio)

Faculty & Departmental Affairs Committee

  • Stanton, John (Chair)
  • Arduino, Pedro
  • Berman, Jeffrey W
  • Calvi, Paolo
  • Hanson, Ted (ex-officio)
  • Kolodziej, Ed
  • Larson, Timothy V (P&T)
  • Lehman, Dawn
  • Lundquist, Jessica D
  • Motley, Michael
  • Nijssen, Bart
  • Reed, Dorothy A
  • Wang, Yinhai
  • Assistant to the Chair (ex-officio)

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Climate, Committee

  • Wartman, Joe (Chair)
  • Gomez, Michael
  • Goodchild, Anne
  • Mackenzie, Donald
  • Mackenzie-Helnwein, Peter
  • Phan, Cindy (staff)
  • Ray, Jessica
  • Winkler, Mari
  • CEE student