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December 13, 2021

Real-time parking availability? There’s an app for that

Delivery drivers spend a significant amount of time doing something other than delivering packages: searching for parking. But that may change one day soon, thanks to a team of Urban Freight Lab researchers who have developed a real-time parking availability app.

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A RAPID transformation: Natural hazards research

The Natural Hazards Reconnaissance Facility (known as RAPID) has transformed how data is gathered, processed and saved in the aftermath of natural disasters. A $6 million renewal grant from NSF provides four additional years of funding and a 30% budget increase to fund new initiatives.

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PacTrans: A driving force in transportation research

Since 2012, the Pacific Northwest Transportation Consortium (PacTrans) has headquartered transportation research and initiatives for the Pacific Northwest. PacTrans reflects on what a $14.35 million USDOT Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act grant has helped make possible.

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