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Faculty resources

Promotion and merit

College of Engineering promotion and tenure
Promotion and tenure resources, including a toolkit and overview documents, as well as letter templates.

UW academic personnel: promotion and tenure resources
UW Academic Personnel page pages provide resources and information, assembly of dossiers and deadlines.

UW faculty code
The promotion and tenure process for faculty is outlined in the UW Faculty Code Section 24-54.

ArchivedCEE promotion and tenure policies and procedures
Promotion and tenure policies and procedures (adopted in May 2009).

ArchivedCEE merit review process
Guidelines for merit, promotion and tenure cases (adopted in May 2009).

Annual activity report form
Each CEE faculty is required to submit an annual activity report to update their teaching, research, and service accomplishments. This report is submitted to the department chair and is used as a basis for consideration of tenure, promotion, reappointment, renewal, and merit increases.

Leave, separation and retirement

College of Engineering paid professional leave (sabbaticals)
Information and resources about n paid professional leave (sabbatical), including eligibility and application instructions.

UW Office of Academic Personnel application for leave of absence without pay
Leave without pay information and resources, including extended medical leave, outside professional work for compensation, parental leave, and personal leave.

UW Academic HR Retirement Status Form

The UW Office of Research outside professional work for compensation
Information and resources on outside professional work for compensation, including the required form, process and procedure, and FAQs.