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Logos and branding

Enhance presentations and print pieces with UW logos, fonts and the precise shade of purple! When producing in-house print pieces and web content, CEE faculty and staff are encouraged to follow UW branding and style guides. This ensures that all print pieces adhere to professional standards, are visually compelling and accurately represent the university’s identity.

Style guides

From abbreviations to ampersands, below are guidelines for crafting on-brand content:


From web pages to invitations to t-shirts, logos are an important way to visually identify the department and UW. For a quick reference guide on the layout of logos and graphics, view the CoE logo and graphic guidelines.

CEE logo

Download the CEE logo.

Wondering which format to use?

  • TIF (.tif), EPS (.eps): Good for print medium. For use in InDesign and Photoshop.
  • JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif): For use in email and web pages. GIFs work well when a transparent background is required.

UW brand logos

Download logos in white, purple, gold and black in a variety of file formats on the UW Brand Logos page. For proper usage, consult the UW Logo Guidelines Policies.


UW is known for purple and gold. Specific shades of each, along with a few other tones, are specified for print and web use. Learn more about the UW Brand Colors and download the color palette.


UW branding includes specifications for font styles. Prior to use in print or web, the fonts may be downloaded from the links below. To learn about specific fonts for headings, subheadings and body text, view the UW Brand Typography guide.

Questions? Check out the UW brand marketing toolkit.