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From field research to lab experiments, photography is an important tool for visually communicating the research and activities underway by faculty and students. Learn more below about how to suggest photo opportunities and coordinate faculty head shots.

Suggest photo opportunities

Action-oriented settings typically make for the best photos, such as hands-on projects in the lab or in the field that feature faculty and students. Depending on the context, UW photographers are often willing to travel a few hours outside of campus to take photos. They are also willing to travel internationally if funding is available!

If you have ideas for an upcoming departmental photo shoot, please contact Julia Davis:

Also consider taking your own research photos. View tips and suggestions.

Faculty head shots

Professional faculty headshots are used on the CEE website directory and often accompany news and research articles. New photos are organized for incoming faculty members and existing faculty may inquire about new photos if their photo is out-of-date. To coordinate, please contact Julia Davis: