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Construction Engineering

Construction engineering addresses construction of the built environment with special emphasis on sustainability. Professionally, construction engineering tends to describe jobs for construction contractors, as well as public/private owners and consultants that manage construction projects. Construction engineers are generally exposed to all civil engineering specialty areas in their daily work as well as scheduling, estimating, project controls, and business development. Employment can be with either large or small organizations and may address general or specialized construction. Examples of constructed facilities include buildings, highways, bridges, rail systems, energy infrastructure, dams, and airports. CEE majors are invited to take Construction Management (CM) courses; however, enrollment cannot always be guaranteed as CM majors have registration priority for CM courses.

Construction engineering senior year faculty mentoring session recordings

2021 Session 2020 Session

This is a general guide. Please consult your faculty mentor for more information. Courses marked * are currently on the BSCE Engineering and Science Electives list.

Download a PDF version of the recommended courses.

Required courses

CEE 440 Professional Practice Studio 2
CEE 441 Transportation and Construction Capstone, or another CEE capstone course options 5

Strongly recommended courses

CEE 291* Introduction to AutoCAD for Civil Engineers 2
CEE 408 Sustainable Roadway Design and Construction 3
CEE 410 Traffic Engineering Fundamentals 3
CEE 420 Engineering with Developing Communities 3
CEE 421 Pavement Design & Construction (Not Offered in AY 2021- 22) 4
CEE 424 GIS for Civil Engineers 3
CEE 433 Temporary Structures 3
CEE 434 Project Estimating 3
CEE 435 Project Scheduling 3
CEE 436 Foundation Design 3
CEE 454 Design of Timber Structures 3
CM 332* Construction Equipment Management 3
CM 335 Sustainable Construction 3
CM 420* Temporary Structures 3
CM 415* Heavy Construction Practices
Prerequisite: CM 332
CM 450* Construction Project Management 5

Recommended courses

CM 331* Construction Estimating I 3
CM 411* Project Planning and Control 4
CM 417 Residential Project Management 3
CM 421* Project Management 3
CM 422* Computer Applications in Construction
Prerequisite: CM 411
CM 428 Heavy Construction Techniques 3
CM 423* Construction Law 3
CEE 451 Design of Metal Structures 3
CEE 452 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures 3
CEE 477 Open-Channel Engineering 3
CEE 490 Air-Pollution Control 3

For complete list of CEE courses, see Course Catalog