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Current students

Recommended coursework for seniors

During junior and senior year, undergraduate students explore the following interest areas, typically selecting one or two areas in which to focus their studies. Each area has required and recommended courses.

Construction Engineering

Addresses construction of the built environment with a special emphasis on sustainability. Construction engineers obtain jobs managing the construction process for a variety of structures, from bridges to buildings.

Geotechnical Engineering

The study of soil and rock as engineering materials. Geotechnical engineers work on designing foundations and dams, evaluate landslide potential and earthquake hazards and more.

Structural Engineering

Deals with the strength of structures and their response to physical loads. Structural engineers work to design, fabricate and erect resilient building structures.

Hydrology and Hydrodynamics

The planning, design and operation of water projects. Engineers pursue careers in hydraulics and fluid mechanics, surface and groundwater hydrology, coastal engineering and water resource systems.

Environmental Engineering

Offers emphasis in water or air-related environmental topics. Environmental engineers work in fields such as pollution control, public works, water and air quality management and hazardous wastes.

Transportation Engineering

Addresses transportation problems affecting all modes of travel. Transportation engineers focus on the design, construction and maintenance of transport systems.