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Environmental Engineering

If you choose to concentrate in environmental engineering, you may wish to emphasize water or air-related courses. The courses below are intended to prepare you for employment with consulting firms, public agencies, and industries, and also to provide background for graduate study. Employment is available in many related fields of pollution control, public works, environmental engineering, solid waste and hazardous wastes engineering, and water and air quality management.

Environmental engineering senior year faculty mentoring session recordings

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This is a general guide. Please consult your faculty mentor for more information.

Required courses

CEE 440 Professional Practice Studio 2
CEE 445 Environmental Engineering Capstone Design Project, or another CEE capstone course options 5

Strongly recommended courses

CEE 462 Applied Limnology and Pollutant Effects on Freshwater 3
CEE 476 Physical Hydrology 3
CEE 481 Hydraulic Design for Environmental Engineering 3
CEE 482 Wastewater Reuse and Resource Recovery 3
CEE 483 Drinking Water Treatment 3
CEE 490 Air Pollution Control 4
CEE 498 Stormwater Treatment and Management 3
BIOL 180 General Biology 5

Recommended courses

CEE 432 Advanced Remote Sensing and Earth Observation 4
CEE437 Advanced Surveying 5
CEE 465 Data Analysis in Water Science 4
CEE467 Geospatial Data Analysis 5
CEE 474 Hydraulics of Sediment Transport 3
CEE 475 Analysis Technology for Groundwater Flow 3
CEE 477 Open-Channel Flow 3
CEE 480 Air Quality Modeling 3
CHEM 162 General Chemistry 5
A A 260 Thermodynamics 4

For complete list of CEE courses, see Course Catalog.

Undergraduates with special interest in environmental engineering may be eligible to take some courses at the graduate level (with 500-level course numbers). Please consult with the faculty instructor for the course. Faculty permission and an add code is required to register for 500-level classes. Submit the add code request online, note faculty permission and forward the email faculty approval to

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