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Transportation Engineering

The suggested courses provide a balanced offering of transportation engineering courses and can provide a basis for entering into professional practice or continuing on to graduate school. The courses listed below were selected with the recognition that knowledge of both transportation and construction topics are required to plan, design, and construct transportation facilities; therefore, we are emphasizing that a blended program be considered.

Transportation engineering senior year faculty mentoring session recordings

2021 Session 2020 Session

This is a general guide. Please consult your faculty mentor for more information.

Required courses

CEE 440 Professional Practice Studio 2
CEE 441 Transportation and Construction Capstone, or another CEE capstone course options 5

Strongly recommended courses

CEE 410 Traffic Engineering Fundamentals 3
CEE 412 Transportation Data Management 3
CEE 415 Machine Learning for Civil Engineers 4
CEE 416 Urban Transportation Planning and Design 3

Recommended courses

CEE 408 Sustainable Roadway Design and Construction 3
CEE 424 GIS for Civil Engineers 3
CEE 433 Design and Construction of Temporary Structures 3
CEE 434 Project Estimating 3
CEE 435 Project Scheduling 3

For complete list of CEE courses, see Course Catalog.

Graduate level classes are also an option for undergraduate who have completed undergraduate offerings and have a special interest in transportation. Consult with a transportation faculty member if you are interested in this option.Faculty permission and an add code is required to register for CEE 500-level classes. Submit the add code request online, note faculty permission and forward the email faculty approval to

See also courses from the BSCE Engineering and Science Electives list.